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I am a twin and was born in Boston, Massachusetts. After spending five years as a Navy fighter pilot and ten years as a stockbroker, my life changed dramatically when I surrendered to love, came face to face with the emptiness of my life and finally confronted my deepest fears. In the midst of my deep despair and aloneness, a door literally opened within me and my life subsequently became inner-directed rather than outer-directed. This led me eventually to a masters degree in psychology and my work as a therapist. I now reside in Sonoma, California with an active private counseling practice in the San Francisco Bay Area focusing on personal transformation and inner child work.

In 1976, I self-published Conscious Love: The Ultimate Energy - the first intimation of my theory of the Unified Field of love. In 1978, in one of the earliest studies of the mind-body connection, I co-directed research, in conjunction with the Sonoma County Medical Association, into the role that self-directed beliefs and emotions play in the onset, development, and outcome of life-threatening illnesses, including cancer. This study concluded that psychic pain arising from the loss or threatened loss of love weakens the immune system and can lead to serious illness - if not death.

In the 1980's, I took a sabbatical from my counseling practice for eight years, focusing on the empowerment of organizations in the non-profit sector, while I pursued a path of deeply personal research into my hypothesis of soul consciousness and the Unified Field. In 1987, I completed my personal quest to reunite with this inner state of soul consciousness, and personally proved that the Unified Field of love existed beyond time and space and is the sole constant of the universe. I then returned to the field of psychology and reopened my psychotherapy practice.

In 1988, I presented my discovery of the Unified Field at the American Holistic Medical Association's annual meeting. This is the first time that I unveiled my theory that the underlying and uniting force of the universe is a psychic energy field of Universal Love, within which all the forces of nature as well as time and space are merely conditions of state. In this paper, I cited my own personal experience of soul consciousness as well as the documented evidence of near-death experiences as clear evidence that a psychic energy field of soul consciousness lies not only beyond death but also beneath our deepest fears.

I utilize my understanding of the Unified Field in my current therapeutic practice. Through my own relationship to this state of consciousness, I have developed a unique series of sessions that rapidly move clients to another choice of behavior. I work with people from all walks of life, including therapists and health-care practitioners, CEOs of major corporations, gifted artists, and ordinary working people who want to find out who they are and how they can truly make a difference. In essence, I literally jump-start their hearts.

In 1998, I received a Ph.D. in spiritual psychology from Greenwich University. My dissertation, entitled "The Unified Field", was chosen as one of the four leading entries nationwide in the 1998 Common Boundary/ Institute of Noetic Sciences Thesis and Dissertation Award for work that best integrates spirituality and psychology. My dissertation was especially cited for its originality and relevance for practicing psycho-spiritual therapists.

In recent years, I have made presentations at the International Forum on New Science, the World Future Society, the Whole Life Expo in San Francisco and the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Science and Medicine, and have appeared numerous times as a guest on both local and national television.

I am the father of four adult children, and in my leisure time I enjoy yoga, swimming, music, and poetry.

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