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Radical Therapy: Surrender to Love & Heal Yourself in 7 Sessions

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Surrenter to Love and Heal Yourself in seven sessions (not seven years)
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"A brilliant work from the heart, that will touch and challenge you to the core"
- Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., author of The Mythic Path

A native of Massachusetts, Allen Roland resides in Sonoma, California, and operates one of the most innovative therapeutic practices in the San Francisco Bay Area, known as Transformational Counseling. Allen's counseling method, now presented in his recent book, Radical Therapy, combines his extensive formal training with a series of far reaching discoveries over the last 30 years arising from his own experience of self healing and self-transcendence. The result is an original psychological theory and healing practice which has led hundreds of people to self-healing by surrendering to love - or what he calls the Unified Field of Love. This theory and healing process are thoroughly described in his book Radical Therapy - Surrender to Love and Heal Yourself in Seven Sessions (Not Seven Years). Allen's clients are able to enter profoundly into their own self-healing process in seven two-hour sessions.

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Welcome to the ultimate book on self-healing. Radical Therapy - Surrender to Love and Heal Yourself in Seven Sessions (Not Seven Years) is at once an inspiring guide and a passionate call to radical healing: It shows how and why we can heal ourselves by surrendering to the Unified Field of love. The Unified Field is the unitive state of consciousness that lies deepest within us - beneath our deepest fear and grief, but also beyond death, and beyond time and space. It reveals itself in near-death experiences, in mystic states, to children, and to those who say yes to their deepest feelings. The path leading to conscious awareness of the Unified Field requires courage: I show why and how you must must confront your darkest fears before you can you consciously surrender to universal love, and thereby claim your place in a universal loving plan. Childhood fears plunged us into ego consciousness; our adult relationships are re-enactments of the parental bind; reuniting with the Unified Field requires overcoming our fears of love that are based on childhood decisions. Indeed, only one who has surrendered to this state of consciousness could write such a book. Remember, it was Einstein who wrote " no problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it ". I show you the way to radical self-healing with sound theory and highly effective exercises that have been tested on hundreds of clients over many decades.

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Origin Press, November 2001, 302 pages, Cloth, ISBN 1-57983-006-4
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Can It Really Be This Simple?
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Self-published in 1995, this booklet (33 pages) gives an inspirational overview of how readers can enter the path of self-healing by realizing the primacy of love. This book is meant to be used as a tool in dismantling your ego and opening your heart.

I show how physicists, scientists and dreamers have been looking for decades for a grand Unified Field in which all the forces of nature would be but a condition of state. I summarize Einstein's and Steven Hawking's ideas about Unified Field theory, and cite Hawking's famous question: "What breathes fire into the equations"? The answer is love - in the sense that it was understood by Teilhard de Chardin. For it is Teilhard who wrote, "Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest within themselves". It was Hawking who wrote that there ought to be something special and simple about a grand "theory of everything". I ask, "What could be more special and simple than love?" I also introduce my cycle of life showing how and why we separate from our original state of soul consciousness and how our whole life is a QUEST to reunite with it and , of course, how LOVE is the vehicle !

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