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Jeff Hutner's Review:

More than a book, Radical Therapy (Origin Press, 2002) is a path to reconnecting to our soul's wholeness; a simple, elegant, effective and profound healing tool. More importantly, Radical Therapy is a way into the underlying Unified Field of Love that lies beyond the pain of the separation of our original state and the constant defense of the self-created ego prison most of us inhabit. In this breathtaking tour-de-force, Allen L. Roland, PhD, delivers simple truths that leap off the pages into your mind, heart and soul. Partaking in your own Radical Therapy assists in the penetration of long forgotten territory accessed through embracing our pain and surrendering to the exquisite field of love we have held ourselves from experiencing at great cost individually and collectively.

Radical Therapy goes where no therapy has gone before and delivers. Not content to promote more co-dependent therapist-client relationships that go on for months or years, Allen Roland is a wise teacher, coach, therapist and friend whose process is a proven path to liberation and discovery of our unique role in the unfolding story of life. Hundreds of his clients have made the journey he provides in this guide to self liberation. He proves once and for all that enlightenment is truly an inside job and that by ending our quest for answers from outside sources we may find our own truth.

This is the book we have been waiting for. It goes beyond all the wonderful partial answers and goes to the heart of the matter which it turns out is love. Drawing on the work of Einstein, Jung, and Chardin and sharing personal stories that describe liberated moments and states in his life and the lives of others, Roland provides a clear understanding that is the foundation of his powerful work with clients.

Were I to recommend one book that should be read by everyone, it would be Radical Therapy. Should it find the widespread audience it deserves, those liberated individuals could impact a world deeply out of touch with itself, filled with shadow projections that threaten our very existence. Liberated of our self-imposed prisons, connected to the Unified Field of Love and our unique part in the unfolding plan of humanity, non-linear, synchronistic, quantum events might unfold literally altering humanity's path towards inner peace, peace on earth and our co-creation of heaven on earth. It's a possibility worth our attention.

I pray this book reaches a worldwide audience in the millions thirsty for its deep truth and wisdom. Perhaps it will not just speak to those on the path, but those who are most blocked, most afraid to face their shadows and deep seated pain-people in places of power whose decisions usually help to continue the separation but could potentially liberate themselves and the world if they are willing to do the work of Radical Therapy. For this book is not just a prescription for individual transformation but that of the collective soul.

In the meantime, as individuals, we can reconnect with the loving place we all came from, alone, with a friend or therapist.and in only seven, two-hour sessions!

If you are reading this review, it is not an accident. Trust that you have connected with a long forgotten place in yourself and the world that seeks expression now. In this very moment, don't hesitate, go to origins website ( and read more about this wonderful book and, if it resonates and you are truly ready to embark on the most difficult and powerful undertaking of your life, you may order your passport to a new world. If you are ready to surrender your old patterns and dive into the Unified Field of Love Allen illuminates, you can rest assured this is a journey you will not return from as the person who embarked upon it. You will never be the same. You will die to your old self like a snake shedding its skin, a caterpillar transformed into a butterfly or a pollywog who transforms into a frog and in that conscious dying you will be free at last to be your authentic self and give your special gift to a world awaiting it.

Once alive and glowing in the Unified Field of Love, you will act as a mirrored catalyst to others in your family, your work environment, school, or community, a living invitation to take their own sacred journey, And in so doing, you will be connecting with the deepest aspect of your Self, others and the Unified Field of Love that animates all life in all dimensions, which will in turn, be amplified and accelerated again and again resulting in more and more connections of the field to itself leading to the possibility of conscious evolution and the materialization of the Unified Field of Love as Heaven on Earth.

Enjoy the ride....

Jeff Hutner,
Editor, New Paradigm Digest
Founder, Evolutionary Ventures
Author, The Nowie Manifesto & A Treasury of Evolutionary Wisdom for Business

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