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Radical Therapy: Surrender to Love & Heal Yourself in 7 Sessions

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Introduction to the Session Work

An overview and introduction to the seven sessions I experience with my clients.

Session One - Finding the Child Within Yourself

I explain my role as your 'coach', and demonstrate how you can use childhood pictures to locate the child within yourself who closed their heart and emotionally stopped growing. The intent of this session is to touch the trapped child within yourself and begin the self-healing process. I accomplish this by sharing my own quest to find my trapped inner child and by utilizing the Cycle of Life to graphically illustrate how and why we separate from who we truly are.

Session Two - understanding Your Life as a Quest with a Lifechart

This session demonstrates how to use the homework from the first session (creating a Lifechart) to retrace the major events and relationships of your life in terms of feelings of joy versus feelings of pain and despair. Special emphasis is put on those relationships that profoundly touched your heart. You quickly begin to see your life as a Quest, rather than a struggle, when it becomes obvious that you have recreated your original childhood predicament with parental figures in your primary relationships in a subconscious attempt to reunite with the emotionally trapped child within.

Session Three - Taking Accountability for Your Life

The preparation work is now over: You have seen your life as a quest to find and embrace yourself through the Lifechart and you are now able to understand the significance of key relationships. This session introduces the crucial victim/accountability exercise. During this exercise, you will feel the heaviness and powerlessness of being a victim, versus the lightness and power of being accountable for the decisions you made that either created or avoided pain with the people you loved.

It is during this session that you begin the journey out of your self-imposed prison of fear. This process is accelerated as you are required to literally contact those people you still carry resentment towards and take total accountability for your own feelings and actions in those relationships, instead of remaining a victim. The result of this exercise is that you can no longer blame someone else for your own deep pain or for the decisions you made from that pain. You are now ready to embrace the sad and alone child within yourself.

Session Four - Connecting with the Child Within Yourself

In this session I demonstrate, once we have taken total accountability for our lives, how we are now in a position to communicate with and listen to the child within ourselves. I utilize a visualization to accomplish this step, which includes questions that you ask the child within yourself. I also clearly demonstrate that the most important step in this self-healing process is taking responsibility for love, in that we have probably felt the deepest pain with the people we have loved the most. As such, taking accountability for that love accelerates the self-healing process.

Session Five - open Your heart; There are no "Buts" or "What Ifs" with Love

I guide you in visualizations that help you realize how many people you have loved and have loved you. Your homework is to contact and thank these people for being gifts in your life - regardless of the risks of this contact. There are no "buts" or "what ifs" as far as completing this assignment. You must begin to realize that you have loved and been loved during your lifetime quest to find yourself. God only reveals himself to a grateful heart!

Session Six - The Death Exercise

You are guided in a profound death exercise which helps you to experience the degree to which the people closest to you really know you. The exercise actually simulates your death and your resultant shock of knowing that you did not truly share yourself with the people closest to you. Your homework is to fully open your heart with the people who are closest to you, as if you, or they, were going to die tomorrow.

Session Seven - Many are Called, Few Listen, and Fewer Still Respond.

This session shows that we are continually being called from within on the path of the heart, but few listen and fewer still respond. It is in this session that you begin to fully understand that you have been called to the inner journey of the soul versus the outer journey of the ego. This session ends with an exercise in which you realize that the gift you have always wanted is yourself. This last session is really a celebration, for you now know and have experienced another choice of behavior.

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