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Radical Therapy: Surrender to Love & Heal Yourself in 7 Sessions

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Testimonials ~ from Keynotes & Workshops

"Dr Allen L Roland's two lectures and dynamic workshop was one of the highlights of the 2005 Winterbrain meeting in Palm Springs, California. He brings together the art and science of healing, with a life story and a skilled presentation style that is heart touching, dynamic and engaging. Though he was unknown to our attendees, he drew an impressive attendance, one of the best of the meeting, to the afternoon optional break-out session workshop he presented after his plenary talk. I hope he'll be coming back next year."
~ Rob Kall - Founder Organizer of the Futurehealth Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology Meeting and Storycon Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and Application of Story.

I recently attended one of Allen Roland's workshops, which was a joy and it affected me profoundly. He really helped me see how I can love others and myself by believing and trusting in openly expressing my feelings from my heart. I am still learning, but this has given me a tremendous vision of who I am capable of being, that it is possible, and it can be very simple if I get out of my own way!!
~ Kathy L Stewart, Santa Rosa, CA

Testimonials ~ from Lectures & Interviews

"I've been the host of the Pathways radio show, serving an Oregon audience for over 19 years. During this time I have hosted interviews with all of the biggest names in the area of self-discovery and personal transformation. Allen Roland, author of Radical Therapy, is one of the most articulate, profound and entertaining guests we've ever had on Pathways."
~Paul O' Brian, Pathways, KBOO Radio, Portland, OR

Testimonials ~ from Sessions

"The work I did with Allen Roland has been truly transformational. The seven sessions forced me to deal with core personal issues - issues that affected my ability to fully be present and enjoy myself to my fullest ability. Having completed these sessions I am now fully embracing my family and relationships around me.
- Leland "Skip" Whitney - San Francisco, California

"If you have not had the opportunity to work with Allen, read this book! If you have read it-read it again! My experience of Allen's work was profound. I went from living in "pastels" to a "world of primary colors." As my life opened up, so, too, did the lives of those of my clients who followed me to Allen's door. This work is about THE TRUTH-taking chances, gaining confidence and making the changes that allow LOVE on such a deep level that life cannot return to its former mere facade mode. It has allowed me, and everyone I know who is willing to take on the challenge of truly loving, to connect with others in a way that would have been impossible prior to this work. Allen deserves sainthood for all the people he has personally empowered."
- Judy Foley - President The Patricia Moore Group, Inc. San Francisco, California

"As a kid, I dreamed of future happiness, success, love and contentment. As a teen, I struggled with doubt, pain, disillusionment and loss. As an adult I was offered happiness, success, love and more.Much more! But NOTHING was ever " enough". ALWAYS the glass was half-empty! NEVER did I know some very simple truths were driving my life! NEVER did I dream such simple truths could so profoundly heal anyone's life-let alone my own! If I could wish one thing for anyone, it is to know this TRUTH - the simple healing truth of the power of love at work in our lives. A truth I learned through Allen Roland's transforming sessions and process! Can it really be this simple? The answer is YES ! Bigtime "YES!" ABSOLUTELY-YES! I am eternally grateful (to put it mildly) for the self healing awareness I gained through Dr. Roland's research , sessions and exercises."
- Jerry Mills - Motivational Educator Marquette, Michigan

"Therapy should not be a second hobby. One has to be ready to embrace their own fears in order to experience the truth. My sessions with Allen have brought me full circle. Facing and going through my own fears has significantly enabled me to become a fuller more complete person. I now feel that I deserve to be happy, and my life has become a celebration!
- Donna Shadowens - Novato, California

"I really thought I had my life all figured out. Yet I felt something much bigger than I could ever comprehend was going on and I was missing inside of me - until I worked with Dr. Allen Roland five years ago. EVERYDAY of my life I thank Allen for helping me look for and find the missing piece of the puzzle. Everything began making sense. For what he gave me was ME - the person who I had always wanted to be, but never had the courage or strength to become. It's all so simple! I was always asking myself: "Why doesn't anyone understand who I am? Why are they treating me like this?" How could they know when I was living for them and not me? Through these last five years, I have made it my daily practice to be totally "honest" with myself, to say what and how I feel in a very loving way to people "at the risk of everything." People always know where they stand with me - because I KNOW where I stand with me - and I expect the same from them. I finally respect myself to the fullest degree. People now understand, respect and know who I am. And guess why! Because I am just being "me" and being me is not only enough - it's beautiful! This is what I learned in my sessions with Allen. Yes, it really is this simple! The entire world would be a better place, if they all worked with Dr. Roland! His work, sessions and exercises are powerful beyond your wildest dreams!
- Catherine Anderson - Fine Artist and Author Glen Ellen, California

"Allen Roland's sessions gave me the tools to fall in love with myself, the one person who could empower me to make my necessary commitments and life changes. Since the conclusion of my seven sessions with Allen, my internal happiness and my executive search firm continue to grow and prosper.
- Angie Wilcox - Angie Wilcox & Associates San Francisco, California

"My work with Dr. Allen Roland was the biggest wake up call of my life. Each remarkable session led me on a journey of self discovery . As I faced and went through my fears the pain melted and once free, I moved into honesty and accountability in all my interactions . My heart literally burst open as I surrendered to love and , in the process, fully embraced myself."
- Diana DuBrow - Teacher and founder of Immortal Scents and Anointing oils, San Rafael, California

"If you are not living with passion, joy and unable to be completely in your heart, you are probably missing the very best from your LIFE. Allen Roland's sessions were life-changing for me because I was skillfully guided to totally reveal my magnificence - and shed old and useless patterns . Although still a work in progress, I have courageously shifted to a joyous life that is heart-driven, very present and MAGICAL beyond belief. I can finally say - I truly love myself !"
- Rebecca Whitworth - Skin Care Consultant San Francisco, California

"Eight years ago I had a spiritual rebirth. A virus literally destroyed my heart in a matter of four days. While at the hospital , when my heart had stopped, I had a near death experience. After coming back to life I was overwhelmed with an intense feeling of joy and love. Everything was clear to me . My purpose in life and why this happened to me. How everything in this universe is evolved around love and my need to be a part of it, by helping others, is driven by this passion ! Allen Roland's book validates all the feelings I have experienced like no one else has ever been able to do ! It is though he has looked into my soul and mind and is speaking my thoughts."
- Terry Meyer - Millbrae, California

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